Zarzis Park of Economics

Head Office and Coffee Factory situated in the Zarzis Park of Economic Activities (ex. Zarzis Free Zone) in Tunisia. Our client is an importer and exporter of coffee, and other raw materials between Africa and Europe. Their operations for the roasting of the imported coffee beans will be carried out in their newly constructed 2533m2 factory using the latest technology in air purification roasting. The beans will then be packaged and exported from Zarzis Park shipping port, 100m from the site, on the Mediterranean Sea, to supermarkets and retail outlets in the UK and Europe. The new 3 storey (1330m2) offices adjacent to the factory will be the Headquarters for our client, from which they will operate their import and export business. EA were appointed as lead consultant in respect of RIBA Plan of Work stages 0-6 inc.


Est. Project Value:
£4 Million